Digital Signage is a unique platform to convey effective information to targeted customers in a variety of commercial venues such as corporate offices, education institutions, museums, retail avenues, hotels, banks, government institutions, and transportation arenas.
Convert the digital display into a canvas, fill it with imagination, creativity and appropriate content and you have the means to capture the audience.

We have a complete digital signage offering with hardware components, technology and services from which we can create customized digital signage solutions that meets your exact needs. Plasmas/ LCD screens, Large Projection systems or LED screens can be used to show Dynamic Digital Signage content including flash files, animations, video and scroll text. Digital Signage can increase brand awareness through bold corporate branding. It can also entertain, promote, inform or advise your audience.

We offer:

- Consultation to understand the specific needs

- Network design and installation

- Warranties and technical support

- Training and prompt back-up